Monday, 7 February 2011

And so it begins

Well, I would never have thought that doing a triathlon would actually have cost me money!

Originally, I thought it would be the other way around: people would sponsor me and hearing about me making a fool of myself would inspire them to give generously of their hard earned cash.

However, thus far my spending has included:
  • 1 gym membership (more of that later)
  • 1 wetsuit
  • 1 pair of trainers
  • Various items of clothing
  • 1 fluorescent vest
  • A set of cat eye bike lights
  • A bike pump
  • Several water bottles in various sizes - one for running, two normal, and one to fit in my bottle holder on my bike (that I have already lost)
  • A hotel room for 2 nights near Blenheim
Not that I mind spending money. Shopping is something I do really rather well. Also, having already lost 1/2 a stone since Christmas, I will gladly say that this training mullarkey is not the selfless, difficult act I thought it would be. Don't think I begrudge this spending. On the contrary. I am feeling happier, more energetic, more positive and I have something interesting to say about myself. [Cue 'long suffering athlete voice'] "I've GOT to go running... I'm doing the Blenheim Triathlon this year."

The main expenditure that has caused me think though, has been the gym membership. Fortunately, my boyfriend's brother has recently found himself a job as a membership salesperson and trainer type at a local gym. One of the benefits of this is that I can benefit from a 'friends and family' rate. Therefore, I have unlimited swimming and exercise classes for the very reasonable sum of £10 a month. While I know this is very little, it is a lot more than the nothing I had thought it would cost me... ten times more I suppose, or even a thousand times? I'm not sure. Maths is not my strong suit.

Yesterday I went swimming. For free. Well, sort of for free. Swimming is included in my membership. Unless I do anything else at the gym this month that 1000m swim will actually have cost me £10. That's, what, £1 per 100m? Anyway, this swim made me ravenously hungry (but did show that I should be able to complete the 400m swim in less than 20 minutes without stopping by June). So, as I have 'nothing in', I had to go to the supermarket to get my dinner. More money. And as I was hungry I bought several things I didn't need.

Therefore, Sunday's swim has cost me £22.83 in total, unless I go again this month, when the relative cost will decrease. Although, as I say, Maths is not something about which I really know. 

If there is a point of today's inane babble it is simply this: I cannot continue to spend. I must get down to the act of asking people for money. This is something I hate doing. I really do. It makes me uncomfortable to talk about money most of the time.

I hope though this tells you that my training has begun in earnest. I am rushing this update somewhat as I have to get to the gym, and I am going to the driving range afterwards. Despite the cost, I am getting serious. I am determined to do this thing, and I hope that my spending proves to you my dedication to the cause!

It also tells you, that if you haven't sponsored me yet, despite these times of austerity, you are a bad person... Unless you are reading this for the first time. In which case hello! Please sponsor me. I am a nice lady.

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